Σάββατο, 31 Οκτωβρίου 2015

Monk Damaskenos writes to the Greek Prime Minister

A monk from the "Holy Mountain" of Athos wrote a letter to the Greek Prime Minister. What is interesting, is how the real Christians still think, if this is the right word to use. They still believe that Human Rights are a curse and inspired by the Devil.
Although Orthodox Christians confess that the best solution for the Church of the East was the subjugation to the Ottomans, they claim the rescue of Hellenism, however they confess they approve only of the transmuted one as they call it themselves, and as if they played an active role in the Greek Revolution, which cannot be true of course.
He salutes the Prime Minister as His Excellency.
He says that it was a mistake for Greece to enter the EEC and remain in the EU and in the Eurozone, because of the sell and the spiritual, cultural and economical alteration. What he doesn't say is how much did the Church itsself profit from the EEC, for example the subsidisation of its so called charity work?
He writes about Hellenism all the time, although this word is synonym with Paganism. He writes as if the Greek Orthodox Church saved the Hellenic Civilisation, instead of destroying it, however later he will speak about the transmuted Hellenism.
Then he writes that Tsipras is the first leader after Julian who isn't a Christian and he should know how the Emperor endet. The word 'end' by the way is linked to some news about rates Greeks have to pay. Four hundred years of Ottoman rule, surely he doesn't include the Sultans as leaders? Of course not, the leaders were the Patriarchs of Constantinople. They had power under the Ottoman rule like never before. The Christian Emperors intervened in all matters, the Sultans just wanted the taxes and let the Patriarchs rule over the 'Romans' the Greek Orthodox, including Romanians, Arabs, Serbs, Bulgarians, 'Macedonians', Turks(Gagauz), Albanians and Georgians.
According to him the Greek Prime Minister didn't solve the economical problems, because of his pride against JHWH. He doesn't say, why all the predecessors failed as well. Between Julian and Tsipras they all should have been superb rulers, shouldn't they? The first Citizen of Greece, the President of the Republic is a very devout Christian, doesn't that help a little?
The Prime Minister should have sacrificed himself for his ideals. Which ones, the atheistic and bolshevistic? How should have he sacrificed himself? As a Prime Minister he won't be affected. Maybe he thinks he should have resigned and let an ultra Christian in his place, then it would be raining euros, dollars and pounds. This is the very problem of the Greek people, they expect a Messiah with supernatural powers and they will keep voting, until they find one. Well King Midas is dead and I have never heard of another one.
Joining the EEC was the biggest mistake of the New Hellenism. He writes new with small, but later he will write about the transmutation of Hellenism to New Hellenism or better New Romanity.
It was a mistake, because even the Ancients weren't Atheists and he quotes Plutarch. Plutarch however preferred atheists to superstitious. The first missed the beauty of the World, but the latter are dangerous.
Then he mentions the Transmutation of Hellenism to Orthodoxy. What was left was superficially Hellenic.
The State, the Roman Empire, becomes Christian. No Philosophy, no Art, no Science, no Sports.
The Republic is a Christian Republic and the West since Charlemagne till today envies it. The East Roman Empire ceased to exist since 1453, I don't know what the West should be jealous about...
The Franks captured Constantinople in 1204 and led to the dissolution of the Empire. He mentions the Battle of Manzikert, where the Seljuq Turks defeated the Byzantines in 1071, probably he thinks that the Empire would have recovered.
Then by writing that the Ottomans involuntarily saved Hellenism, the Transmuted One, from the absorption  by the West, he reveals that the Church cannot be looked upon as a Saviour for Hellenism, because the Transmuted Hellenism thrived under Ottoman Rule. It was Real Hellenism which suffered. More important is that the Church was against a Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Rule. Many revolutionaries appeared as Christians for reasons of diplomacy, when dealing with the Foreign Powers.
 The Catholic Church was bad, the Renaissance superficial and atheistic. Did he prefer a total Renaissance, a religious, the polytheistic one, as well?
Then came the Protestants, then the Edict of Nantes, which separated religious from civil unity. The Europeans and their institutions are corrupt. Are the schismatic Catholics, as he calls them, good or not?
His and the Greek Church's problems with the EU are that adultery stopped being penalised, civil wedding and abortions.
That what he calls pseudoreligions are permitted to exist for the first time since Constantine the Roman Emperor. He appeals to the Constitution, although the Constitution doesn't say other religions are forbidden. He probably doesn't know that the Constitution is easy to find in the Internet, or the last one he read is that of the Dictatorship. He thinks that Constitution is something above human rights. The Constitutions says that the Church of Greece has to follow that of Constantinople, but many monks criticise the Patriarch, because he has contact to other religions.
He wants Greece to continue its greek speaking Byzantine civilisation, not the true Hellenic one.
Now, that homosexual weddings are permitted, he is afraid that a punishment will arrive as in Sodom and Gomorrha. However I don't think they married according to the myth and anyway he lives in Athos and nothing has happened to the place yet.

He sees diversity as an illusion. He thinks, that instead all should be christianised; he calls it freeing from demons and love for man; the same love shown by crusaders, Inquisition etc. He calls Europe's peace, pseudopeace. Probably peace for him is butchering in the name of Christ. True freedom and true peace exists under the Church as in Medieval times.
He thinks that Greece's problem lies that we have supermarkets instead of groceries, that foreigners did the unskilled work, and that some people gave up the cultivation of olive trees for other plants. The only thing that Greece is exporting sufficiently is olive oil, but the monk doesn't know that. He talks about the sale of State property like any Communist.
Than he wants to inform the Prime Minister about the causes of the fall of the Byzantine Empire for some reason. He complains about the lack of Christian Values in the Empire. He doesn't say which are the values and how come when all the Emperors were devout Christians. All were Christians and if not they were mutilated and executed. He says the Emperors were incompetent; didn't JHWH help them, they were so pious, what does JHWH expect more? The bad Franks, since Charlemagne. The Italian States, because they were free to trade, the taxes upon Syria, Palestine and Egypt which convinced the inhabitants become Muslim, the mercenaries and a couple of herecies. The problem with Syria, Palestine and Egypt was older and it began by the disintegration of the Roman Empire. Even as pagans the Syrians tried to form a new State. That is why there were some Christian enclaves there, thats why Constantine tried to form a new Rome and new Romans, but forming a new nation the Christian nation proved to be a bad idea. He forgets that the Church always became large amounts of wealth. Empire means many nations and after abolishing their ethnicity, people didn't have anything to fight for. There were half a million monks sitting idle in the monasteries by the time of the fifteenth century and none to defend Constantinople.
He then says that the Church prevented the islamisation of the Greek people. Islam respects Christianity and Judaism, and the Sultan wanted the taxes. One cannot see something as a salvation and a threat the same time.
He talks about the Greek revolutionaries which freed Greece and appeals to their beliefs. He admits indirectly, that the Church didn't wish a modern Hellenic State or a revolution of any kind, because it would be inspired by the godless in their opinion West and French Revolution in particular. The revolutionaries weren't Christians, but were inspired by Greeks living abroad who were influenced by the Enlightment and the French Revolution. However, it was the time of the Holy Alliance, so they had to pretend they were Christians of a noble descent trying to be freed by a culturless Muslim tyrann and that inspired a philhellenic movement in Europe. The Revolutionaries called themselves Hellenes and the noncombatant Greeks Romans.
He further sees as compulsory for members of the Parliament and Goverment to take an oath to Christianity, although that hasn't helped very much.
A relic of the Dark Ages, these monks are seen as the mouths of JHWH, although they are mostly illiterate. They learn some texts by heart as Communist do as well, so many people think they have read a lot. Talking against their nonsense is considered blasphemy and treason.